52.WKS :: one minute of original audio every week


What? Every week, hobbyist musicians from around the globe write a new minute of music. The result is the 52.WKS project.


Why? To hone their craft and make some noise. Good music isn't the goal; writing more music is.


Who is writing music?

Dave Peck (Wednesdays. Started January 5, 2011)

Justin Almquist (Wednesdays. Started January 5, 2011)

Kenneth Moore (Fridays. Started September 2, 2011)

Chris Hurst (Mondays. Started September 5, 2011)


Who started this? @dangerdave and @justinalmquist at the end of 2010


Can I Join? Absolutely! Just let @dangerdave know and we'll add you to this page! We'll keep your link up as long as you're still doing the project regularly!