52.WKS :: one minute of original audio every week in 2011.


April 2011 Monthly Wrap-Up


Musical goal: distort shit

Technical goal: wreak sonic havoc with Amp


This month was all about Ableton's Amp FX plugin. If it's not Amped, fuggedaboutit.


Week #14: Post-rock and glitch. One of my favs from this month, but I wish I'd mixed the drums lower. The "huge" sound is a sawtooth run through roughly ten Amp → Reverb → Compress passes in series.


Week #15: Ambient fuzz and piano inspired by the Social Network soundtrack.


Week #16: A follow-up to week #14, I went straight up Postal Service here. Still some Amp around the edges. Bad mix.


Week #17: Unfiltered robo crunk juice! The lead bass is run through a couple controlled Amp FX; the occasional screaming comes from automating their filter parameters.


Plan for May: wreck some ears with bass.


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