52.WKS :: one minute of original audio every week in 2011.


February 2011 Monthly Wrap-Up


Musical goal: Pianos & piano-like objects

Technical goal: Get comfortable w/ Ableton's MIDI editing tools


Pianos only this month, though e-pianos and the like were allowed.


Week #5: My first composition this month is a straightforward chromatic counterpoint played rubato. It sounds like a melancholy bit of soundtrack work to me.


Week #6: My goal for this piece was to produce a formal interval study. The left-hand motion at the beginning walks intervals in order {minor 2, major 2, minor 3, major 3, 4}. Unfortunately I had trouble extending these ideas directly, so while there is some interesting harmonic motion in the triplet sections I mostly feel like this piece is unfocused.


Week #7: I only had a few hours to put this one together. What could I do in a few hours? Easy: vamp on a single chord! This was a fun piece to toss together and I'm happy with the result.


Week #8: I wanted to do something straightforward and BIG... perhaps a key moment in a movie. The result is this harmonically simple but pleasant two-piano work.


Plan for March: FEEDBACK.


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