52.WKS :: one minute of original audio every week in 2011.


January 2011 Monthly Wrap-Up


Musical goal: Write some.

Technical goal: Re-learn Ableton Live.


My goals for January were unambitious, in a sense. I simply wanted to get in the groove of working on audio every week. I had no agenda musically other than to produce four minutes of audio of any quality. Technically, I wanted to stay close to the basics in Ableton. This led to a bunch of simple-synth-melodic tunes which is sorta cheap fare for me. So be it. Also, this month I wanted to finish building the custom tools that make sure that all music is properly normalized and uploaded, the website is properly updated, etc. They're done now. Onward!


An rss feed is available. © 2011 Dave Peck, and licensed under CC BY-NC-SA. Listen to the music.