52.WKS :: one minute of original audio every week in 2011.


July 2011 Monthly Wrap-Up


Musical goal: more electronic melodic ish

Technical goal: more solid mixes


This month ended up a little weak overall, I think. I was on vacation for a good portion of the month and had to rush a few tracks out the door.


Week #27: I was listening to some of my old Laptop Battle Tracks and wanted to recapture the feel of 'em. So I did some crunked-out maximal ish!


Week #28: A pleasant bit of melodic electro, I like how minimal this is while still retaining interest. I also like the how everything fuzzes out toward the end. Reminds me somewhat of The American Dollar.


Week #29: A mostly failed attempt at doing something leftfield and dark. My instinct to add more layers failed me pretty badly here. Might revisit in a future month and trim away the fat, since I like the beat.


Week #30: PORN MUSIC. (Originally targeted for 6/29 but I never quite finished it. It's either gotta sound like this, or sound like John Williams.)


Plan for August: cut samples from my music library and manipulate them in Ableton. Old skool?


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