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September 2011 Monthly Wrap-Up


Musical goal: bombastic disco/techno

Technical goal: kick and bass work together


I dig Nu Disco. Some of the best Nu Disco is quite subtle. Some of the best Nu Disco isn't subtle at all. I have a lot of trouble doing bombastic stuff that works. So I thought I'd give bombastic over-the-top sounds a hand this month.


Week #36: This was supposed to be disco-esque but turned out SPROCKET-esque. Oh well.


Week #37: At D. Dale's request, I wrote this track based on a keyboard figure I was noodling with at jazz practice. It felt good in 5/4. I chose odd timbers to accompany. I like this one.


Week #38: I feel like this one opens with promise, but the drums are too big and crush any possibility of interest from the track.


Week #39: Perhaps the only genuinely Nu Disco-sounding thing this month. I started with a handful of wanking disco guitar samples I found lying around. The thing about bombastic Nu Disco is that it still has lots of little details, which this track very much lacks.


Plan for October: layered, complex, unique


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